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Best conversation starters - Life Hacks

Whether making new friends or approaching someone you like and would like to get to know better it can be difficult to know how to start a conversation, especially if you know nothing or very little about them.

Starting a conversation after appearance is your next port of call when it comes to making your first verbal interaction positive. You don’t want to come across as boring or ask questions that only require a yes or no answer as this could kill the conversation in just a few short words.

Interesting small talk

If you want to grab the attention of another person, you will need to do more than ask the questions they have more than likely been asked numerous times that day.

Find something that they may have to think about before replying to engage them in conversation instead. Ask about pets, children and things that interest them outside of school/work, countries they have visited or best places to visit in the area.

If there is music playing you could ask about it, if they know who sings it. This is especially good for those songs that are well known. You don’t have to come across as being dumb, you can say that you recognize the song but just can’t place the singer/band. We have all forgotten simple things in the past so it’s always a good way to start off a conversation.

Hosting/attending a dinner party

If you have moved to a new area, started a new job or just became part of a new circle of friends/colleagues then at some point you will more than likely be invited to dine out at a restaurant or someone else’s home.

Rather than being the invitee that sits back and lets everyone else do the talking, you too could start a conversation and get yourself noticed for the right reasons.

Dinner doesn’t have to be about sitting in silence, after all that’s why you went out or were invited as a group. You could make it fun by saying let’s play an improvisation game but involve more than one person at the table.

You could use a book and leaf through to a page that’s random. You could ask for the one guests middle name, another their current pet or favorite superhero and the last their sisters making a part of the book more amusing than it may have been beforehand.

The same could work by matching objects that you ask the guests to give you such as the clock or microwave or even something funnier such as the whisk in the kitchen or an item of food to create names of band members.

Humor is always a good started in social situations so you could pick a random talking couple at the other end of the table and pretend to dub it, they could be saying absolutely anything if you are out of earshot so use this as an opportunity to be imaginative.

The best way to start a conversation is to choose a subject that the majority will enjoy without being insulting or rude. Choose something unexpected, quirky and involving to ensure your input is valued.

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