How to market yourself on LinkedIn

How to market yourself on LinkedIn - Marketing Blog

Lots of people use LinkedIn as a means of self-promotion, but are not sure how best to market themselves so that they stand out amongst the many other people also registered on the site.

The first thing you need to do is to create a profile that tells people all about you and how you can help them by the service/product you offer and why you could be an asset to their needs.

Unlike a personal network profile, LinkedIn gives you a way to create a page of information that tells visitors what skills you have rather than just the job you are currently doing.

This is also a great option for people that have the ability or set of skills to achieve a specific task/job but not the qualifications many will deem necessary. There are a few things you will need to get you started on your winning profile. The main tips to creating something eye catching and successful are as follows:


Just underneath your name one of the main things that people choose to post is the title of their current or latest job. This space could be used for something much more useful such as your skills. Of course you may not be able to integrate everything, but highlighting them will gain more interest than just a job title.

A few examples of this are instead of just putting IT specialist, you could elaborate and put IT specialist with expertise in a specific area, singer/songwriter with years of expertise in live events or if looking for a new job you could write your current career such as SEO specialist looking for new opportunities.


Don’t just create a status and then hope that someone falls upon your profile, the key to getting your name/brand out there is to ensure you keep online presence.

The status should be refreshed and updated at least weekly and ensure that the majority of the updates are to reinforce your goal/brand. Keep people updated as to what you are currently doing, if you have a new product on your market or even include articles that give more information.

Examples of ideal statuses are:

  • Doug is meeting with the manager of (specific company)
  • Emma has started the (specific course) and highly recommends it to others
  • Derek is giving a demonstration on (enter date), to register your place now click here
  • Fred is currently researching (specific niche)

By keeping your status updated you will be reminding people that you are still about and will be keeping those in your network abreast of what you are currently doing to improve your skills, company, service or product.


Some may call it showing off, whereas for others it is a way to showcase your skills. If you are not comfortable in telling people your main skills and making yourself sound as good as possible but happy to do so for others, you could swap with another person and write about one another’s strong points instead. Summarize your main credentials which will reinforce your abilities and help to put you in the right place for your next job role.


Lots of people skip the specialties part, but this is what will make you stand out from others offering the same service or product. In will help to bring people to your profile and is especially important when using SEO so that no members can find you via search engines.

Use highlighting terms when you use keywords and let people know exactly what you do such as generating leads, advertisement or events.

You own URL

Although you will have already been assigned a URL it’s a good idea to make your own, especially if you are using other sites to sell yourself. Choose something relevant that may include your handle on blogs, social networking sites and others. You might find that your name is not available but you can use creativity to find something available yet still relevant to what you offer.

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