Best Tips for Saving Money Part 3

how to save money

You Are Almost There

Welcome back again to our Best Tips for Saving Money series, we are now on Part 3 and it’s almost Christmas! Yes you heard it right a blog post about saving money this side of christmas, what are we thinking.

Some Extra Tips

Planning ahead can be one of the most useful things you can actually do when it comes to saving money. Remember that just because you are saving money, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy various aspects of everyday life.

You can still do things like throw parties, just make sure you budget correctly for them and you don’t go overboard with the food or decorations.

Start redecorating things you already own, this can brighten up your day and world around you very easily and also without breaking the bank. Whenever you feel obliged to give someone a gift always do you best to make sure that gift is homemade, this will be a cheaper option for you when compared to store bought gifts and everyone loves the appeal of something created by another person it really is a win win situation.

Even the small things can make a huge difference over time when it comes to saving money, saving cents on petrol can in the long run save your quite a few dollars to put towards your final goal.

Host a Massive Sale

If you, like myself, are prone to a large amount of hoarding then this section could be most profitable for you. Once you have committed yourself to the idea of saving cash then one of the first things you should be doing a hosting a massive sale either in person or online.

Go through everything you own and tell yourself if you really need all of it, I appreciate that it can be very difficult to sell or throw away things which you have owned for a long time but trust me over time you will forget everything you get rid of and focus solely on the money which you generated from the sales.

Also if you ever have something which you need repairing do everything you can to fix it yourself otherwise you could run into unexpected costs left right and centre.

Tinker Often

People say to not reinvent the wheel, however when it comes to saving money you need to be constantly tweaking and tinkering around with your plan to make sure that you are still on schedule to hit your targets.

There are many other tools you can use to help keep track of your progress such as worksheets, journals and other organisational tools.

Always make sure to remind yourself why you are trying to save $10,000, think about the reason which made you want to start saving in the first place.

That about wraps it up for this month’s edition of Money Saving Tips, from everyone here at The Bread of Life Online we would like to wish you a very merry christmas and an even better frugal New Year!

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