Best Tips for Saving Money Part 2

Money Saving Tips Part 2 - Personal Finance Blog

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This is the second part of our Tips for Saving Money series, if you happened to miss the first part then you can check it out here. So let us pick up from where we left off which was talking about making money outside your everyday job.

One Thousand Options

When it comes to making an extra bit of cash outside your 9-5 job then there are literally thousands of opportunities everywhere you look. One of the most common ways people make money is through sites like and where they offer services in exchange for a monetary reward.

We think sites like these are great especially if you can offer a service which you feel confident with and that is scalable if by chance you run into a large demand.

Another great way to make money online is through online marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay, there are a couple of different routes you can take here.

Retail Arbitrage

This is a very popular method of making money through Amazon as it usually fits in quite well with peoples everyday lives. Basically the idea behind retail arbitrage is that you go into a supermarket like Costco or Walmart and find deals on popular items which are selling in large volumes online.

You then buy these items and list them on places like Amazon for a higher price than what you paid for them and once it sells you take the difference as profit, this fits in very well with everyday life because people frequently visit supermarkets anyway for grocery shopping.

White Labelling

White Labelling is another great method of making money through online marketplaces, the idea behind this is you find a generic product e.g. protein powder and then you package it up with your own brand and company and sell it on.

This is something I am actually partaking in at the moment but not with protein powder, instead I have a listing on Amazon for biotin (vitamin b7) which is a hair and skin vitamin. The product is generic but I have put on my own labelling to make it more appealing to the end user.

Start Your Own Blog

This is another popular money making method, especially with mummy bloggers, and one which I am also doing as evident by my blog that you are currently reading :). So with this method what you want to do is buy a suitable domain name which you think could catch on, order yourself some hosting and then start populating it with useful and unique content that people will like.

The way you make money is you build up a user base which drives more traffic to your site and then you can start placing advertisements on the site. If you get really big then you may be contacted by companies that wish to do sponsored posts with you and that’s when you could start earning some serious money, perhaps enough to quit your day job.

A great example of this can be found on a site I read frequently which has sky rocketed in terms of popularity, it can be found here –

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